Journey Church collects personal information you provide us, such as name, phone number, address, email address, and other information. This information is stored in our church management system, Journey Portal, and used by church leaders to accomplish the work of the ministry.


For decades, churches have used this information to compile “church directories”, often in print form, and then distributed these directories to the congregation. Providing everyone with access to this information helps facilitate relationships, small groups, and church activities.  In the modern era, churches often make this information available in online databases like ours. When making this information available, churches have to balance two competing but important priorities: protecting personal information and facilitating relationships by providing access to that information.


Journey Church has sought to balance these priorities in the following ways:


  1. Access to personal information in Journey Portal is limited to members and regular attenders - people who are part of our in-person church community or are personally known by a staff member.

  2. Each person may decide what information is available to all Journey Portal users, and what information is available only to church leaders. By default, phone numbers and email addresses are available to all Journey Portal users, but more private information such as street addresses are only available to leaders.


You can change what information is available to who by updating your privacy settings:

  1. Log in to Journey Portal

  2. View your profile by clicking on your initials in the top right corner

  3. Select “Actions”, then click “Privacy”


You can also email and we can update your Journey Portal privacy preferences on your behalf.


If you ever have any questions about information privacy, please contact the church office at 520-299-1660, or