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At Journey Church, we want to use our

    HEADS💡 to honor God and glorify Him as King

    HEARTS💙 to love like Jesus with our hearts and minds

    HANDS🤲 to ask God for the salvation of others and to use us to make disciples 



Use this guide and set your alarm to PAUSE TO PRAY for 1-2 minutes morning, midday, and evening. Each PAUSE has a Bible verse. Don’t know how to pray? Say God’s words back to Him and ask Him to use them to glorify Himself (Honor God), transform you (Love Like Jesus), and bless the world around you (Make Disciples).


Come together for church-wide prayer Oct 25 and Nov 8 at 10:30am in the auditorium. 

Then set your alarm and PAUSE TO PRAY each day. We know God hears our prayers!