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Printers at Journey

We are providing a quick and easy way to use the Journey Printers

Option 1:  Install on Apple  or Windows Operating Systems

Option 2: Print from email

Option 1: Installing printers on Windows or Mac OS device

Step 2: Click on your Operating System below: (Once clicked it will download a file for you to run)

Option 1: Installing

Step 1: Connect to the Journey Provided WIFI


Download Example:

Download Example.PNG

Step 3: Run your program and follow the default settings.

Step 4:  If its the first time you will get a papercut log in screen. Use the following credentials to get access to the printers. 
Username: journey
Password: journey

Option 2: Print from Email

Option 2: Print fom

Step 1: Create an email from your email account

Step 2: In the To section of the email you will send to one of the following emails
Option 1: Building A Copyroom Printer:
Option 2: Building E Lobby Printer:

Step 3: Attach the file that you want to print
FYI: Accepted documents include most image formats, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and PDF

Step 4: Send email

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