5 Trans­for­ma­tional Thoughts on a Tran­quil Heart

September 25, 2014

It was a few weeks ago that I was read­ing through the Proverbs when this verse hit me like a light­ning bolt. Later on that same morn­ing as I was hav­ing cof­fee with my pas­tor friends we began to dis­cuss what it means to have a tran­quil heart. Learn­ing to be con­tent in the midst of a chal­leng­ing, crazy, and com­plex life has been a life theme for me for a while now.
Life doesn’t always seem to turn out as easy and suc­cess­ful as I thought it would be. Some­times I even fall into the com­par­i­son trap or the “Face­book” syn­drome. Here are my thoughts on what it looks like to have tran­quil heart in the midst of a messy life and a messy world…
“A tran­quil heart gives life to the flesh but envy makes the bones rot.” Proverbs 14:30 
Envy is the enemy of tran­quil­ity! Our hearts are agi­tated when we some­one else liv­ing the life that we wish we had. “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Can we all stop spy­ing on our neighbor’s yards. It’s creepy! And it’s going to make us sick. Can you say “my yard is bet­ter than I deserve in the first place?” So why don’t I just lie down in my own grass and take a nap?AM I A SATISFIED HEART?
Envy is based on decep­tion. We don’t really know what it’s like to be the peo­ple who’s lives we envy! We don’t know THE REST OFTHE STORY or THE END OF THE STORY. Besides “The grass dies on both sides of the fence!” And if you think that the grass is greener over there it just means that their water bill is higher and they have to mow twice as often. AM I A WISE HEART?
My life is the one that God has for me. My wife is the one God has for me. My income is the one God has for me. My call­ing is the one God has for me. And it’s more than I deserve!
This doesn’t mean that I should role over and play dead in life; as if I’m the vic­tim of my cir­cum­stances. As fol­low­ers of Jesus we should embrace learn­ing, inge­nu­ity, risk tak­ing, resource­ful­ness, and pros­per­ity in faith. Suc­cess and advance­ment allows us to influ­ence oth­ers and gives us some­thing to be able to share with oth­ers as well. But if envy is the dri­ving force behind my ambi­tion MYBONES ARE GOING TO ROT! Doesn’t sound too good to me. AM I A GRATEFUL HEART?
The Shep­herd King of Israel said, “The Lord is my cho­sen por­tion and my cup” and
 “The Lord is my Shep­herd, I shall not be in want.” He made a deci­sion to embrace Yah­weh God as his mas­ter and that put his heart of anx­i­ety and envy to rest. His deep­est desires and long­ings were sat­is­fied. IS GOD THE CHOSEN “ENOUGH” FOR MY HEART?
“A tran­quil heart gives life to the flesh but envy makes the bones rot.” I choose sat­is­fac­tion. I choose wis­dom. I choose grat­i­tude. ICHOOSE HAPPINESS!  I CHOOSE JESUS!
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