6/14 Setlist - Rise and Shine: His Blessings in Our Despair

Journey families -

This week's Sunday Setlist was put together by our Journey Student Ministry.

Hey Journey! We are the Student Ministry here at the church, and we are so excited to share some of the songs that have shaped our faith with you! These worship songs have been played at camps and ministry evenings as we have used them to prepare our heart to meet Jesus week in and week out. We hope these impact your Sunday and coming weeks as they have impacted our lives in meaningful ways.


His Stability in Our Upheaval

Sunday, June 14, 2020

1. Marching On

2. Glorious Day

3. Your Name is Power

4. Wildfire

5. Lion and the Lamb

6. Rescue


1. Worship - Marching On

As we think about God's stability in our upheaval, we thought of "Marching On" by Rend Collective. We have unshakeable truths of who and whose you are that no matter the distress or chaos in your life, disciples can march on in a way that breaks strongholds and lies that don't reflect the Gospel of Jesus.

2. Worship - Glorious Day

Lord Jesus, we ask that our congregation would hear when you call our name, and that we would truly understand the Glorious Day you've called us into. 

3. Worship - Your Name Is Power

This summer, we have been rallying around the next song because it's been a hard year. It's easy to feel disappointed and discouraged this time with so much uncertainty. We believe there is tremendous power when we say and call on the name of Jesus that brings so much stability into our life.

4. Worship - Wildfire

Rob Jones is a Journey Student Ministries favorite because he has led us in worship at camp for 4 years! We love this guy because he has personally poured into our lives. We had so much fun with this song when we were in Durango last year! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

5. Worship - Lion and the Lamb

God's stability of the shouts in this next song! Our God is the Lion who sits on the throne, and the Lamb who has conquered death. What can't our God do? What situation is really beyond his control or power? He is our personal defender who fights on our behalf, and every situation that you are facing will bow their knee to God. 

6. Worship - King of My Heart

What's normal about our trials and circumstances is how sometimes they make us question God's goodness. That's okay. That's normal. Our doubts and emotions don't change God's character, however, and we can trust his good work in and through us because he is good. He won't ever let us down. It may not be on our timing when he comes through, but it will always be for our good!

6. Worship - Rescue

If God is stable, then he will rescue me in my upheaval. 

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