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Making and Maturing Disciples

Disciples are forgiven Christians who grow as they:

Learn From Jesus

Love Like Jesus

Live For Jesus


We seek to offer classes, groups, and events that help the body grow as disciples of Jesus.

Growing As Disciples

We learn from Jesus through studying Scripture. Understanding Jesus, his teachings, and his life enables Christians to deepen their faith, embody his love, and follow his example in their daily lives, fostering spiritual growth and connection with God.

Opportunities to Grow in Learning

Discipleship Opportunities

Baptism at Journey Church

What is Baptism?

Baptism symbolizes faith, renewal, and a commitment to following Jesus, marking a significant step in one's journey.

Membership at Journey Church

What is Church Membership?

Church membership fosters a sense of belonging, spiritual growth, accountability, and active participation in a faith community.

Midweek Discipleship

Midweek Discipleship

Join us on Wednesday evenings to learn more in an environment with other like-minded believers.

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