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Journey Church Pastors

Jim Roden - Lead Pastor at Journey Church


Jim Roden, pastor at Journey Church since 2003, has a profound impact as Lead Pastor. A Phoenix native, he has dedicated himself to theological studies, earning a Doctor of Ministry from Biola University and a Master's of Divinity from Western Seminary.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Jim finds solace and excitement in the great outdoors, with hobbies like trail running, hunting, and archery. He's also an avid reader, often found immersed in books that fuel his intellect and spirit. This blend of academic rigor, outdoor adventures, and a deep love for his community underpins Jim's compassionate and relatable approach to leadership at Journey Church.

Jim Roden

Lead Pastor

Tyler Hurst - Associate Pastor at Journey Church


Tyler Hurst, the Associate Pastor at Journey Church since 2021, is a key member of Journey's leadership. Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, Tyler is currently pursuing a PhD at Southern Baptist Seminary, complementing his M.A. degrees in Philosophy and Theology from the Talbot School of Theology.

His hobbies are as diverse as his studies, ranging from reading dystopian fiction to watching classic films. A devoted fan of the SF Giants and the 49ers, Tyler also follows the Iditarod with keen interest. His eclectic mix of hobbies and academic pursuits contributes to his unique perspective and approach to ministry.

Tyler Hurst

Associate Pastor

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